Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jeth-Row 013 USELESS EATERS 7"

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Fighting Bundle Of Fags for the KBD shit n’ snot throne AND in the running for “World's Shortest Single”, the Useless Eaters unleash their punkiest of the jangle-punk yet with "Panic Attack". Title song cruises along like a violent seizure underneath so much tape hiss you’ll mistake it for another guitar. It’s like saccharine skuzz’d hit shooting straight for my clogged-up, half beating heart. I think the lead out groove is longer than the track, for reals. Side B’s Death View is a smidge longer in its stop-n-go pop, but that’s because it gives you some space to breathe within its stiff robotic breaks. Recorded kleen this time, with a solo bedroom vibe. A great static-free ride. Stats: five hunner’d or so, I’d assume. (RSF).

I walked away from the previous two Useless Eaters singles without giving a fuck. Yeah, yeah, KBD-inspired punk schlock and Jay Jay loved 'em. I still don't think it was anything to get excited over. I wouldn't have even given this one a chance, but when the Dirty South's finest label releases something I have to listen. At least this Seth kid doesn't overstay his welcome, he jerks out two quick punkers in less than 4 minutes or so. "Death View" was recorded solo-shooter style in Memphis, it's the B-Side and better of the two, no-frills Gizmos-stylee stumble punk. It's ok. A-Side is "Panic Attack" recorded in Euroland with a bandful of Danes (Cola Freaks). Almost musters up some of the punk-chug of CPC Gangbangs in the beginning revs, but the goofy hook sends it into New Wavesville. The best thing about this record is the insert that advertises the True Sons of Thunder LP coming soon! Scum stats: 500 copies, first 50 with alternate sleeves.(RK)

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